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Jill, you're too hilarious. I loved reading this! It really does become about the little things, doesn't it. Especially when time is such a rare commodity these days. I am so giddy about my weekend coming up. Skiing with girlfriends, then drinky-poos. No husbands. No kids. Good stuff. I love my family, but there is a gift in the little breaks we get :) I'm sure my sluggish mood on Sunday will be a small price to pay for what will be an awesome weekend. Here's to many more! Cheers!


That sounds delicious Tracey! I could use a girls' weekend away...no time until summer though...my weekends away for the next few months will entail taking my girls to their cheerleading competitions...Rochester, Philadelphia and Montreal, not counting 4 more in the GTA!
I hope you and the other ski bunnies have the best weekend ever!


Jill, Jill, Jill...so great seeing you on Saturday night. You know we ended up leaving and going to Whisky John's which was a blast! because the place was rocking, we knew a million people, we danced like idiots and Chris Roger's band was there. So we rocked out to some Foo Fighters and did more porn stars. I mean, drank more porn stars. ;D
Okay. Enough. I agree, it was a delightful weekend all around! I am so glad you and the gang joined us!!! Such fun. We're doing it again, on a smaller scale. :D


And you also had time to share a phone call with your Mum & Dad!


I spent much of my weekend hanging out with you, Andrew, and stupid sexy Brandon....you know we had a great time. LOL.

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